Life is Like A Game

Life is like a Game.jpg

#1. Life is like a game. We start it with an easy one, we learn how to live and to keep living, we adapt and adopt new strategies.

#2. Life is like a game. Sometimes we win and sometimes we lose – and it is not a matter. Sometimes we reach the new level, gain new prestige, but on the other side, we also gain higher responsibility. What more matters is how we deal with losing. We always have the choices: to keep playing or to give up and delete the games.

#3. Life is like a game. As we grow, we reach some check-points in our life: graduation, job, career, and grandparents.

#4. Life is like a game. There is the beginning, and there is also the end. In the end, no matter how many coins you have, you cannot take it. Whether you want it or not, you will end the life, and the rest is our memories, records, and achievements.

#5. Life is like a game, and it’s like a roller coaster, when you experience the ups and downs. You know you are in downs or ups, but you enjoy all the runs! You never want it to stop or to walk slowly because, you know, you miss the moment when it stops.

#6. Life is like a game, but it’s not a chess game. There is more than just a black-and-white colour. Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose, and sometimes the rules of win and lose does not apply.

#7. Life is like a game, but unlike the game, you cannot undo all the time you have spent, and you only have one heart. If you do wrong and you do not learn, you will lose your heart, and there will be no turning back.

#8. Life is like a game, and there is only one direction to win the game: to keep on believing and follow all the clues. You may face difficulties.. you may be very upset.. However, you trully know the key to win this game: to keep on believing in The Way, The Truth, and The Life (John 4:16). You know that as long as you believe on that Clues, you will finish the game, win from all the temptations and challenges, and deserve the crown of winner.

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