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It begins with our personal and deep interest in the field of psychology as we found that studying psychology is actually just like studying our own everyday life. The insight is that everyone has our own perspective about life until finally we define what life is and how it feels when experiencing everything happens in it.

After our course has finished, we learn that everything we know about people’s psyche  and psychology in general is not enough unless we collaborate our experiences and learn from other people’s stories of life together. Nevertheless, combining our knowledge and skills in psychology with other subjects, such as philosophy, theology, anthropology, sociology, etc, is also essential.

By all means, finishing all the programs and courses does not make us such a ‘master’ in investigating people souls. Clearly not! Well actually, the more we learn about psychology, the more we realize that it is people  themselves knows best about who they are and what they want. All the systematic processes of mental, the organisation of mind, and the complexity of ‘psyche’ with all its mechanisms, just simply mean that everyone is different and unique in his/her own way.

Therefore, we feel blessed to finally establish EXPERIENCING LIFE FOUNDATION. For us, science is nothing if it is not able to help people and civilisations. We are not a director of human life story because we are fully aware that people has their own absolute right to live their life. We are the facilitator, the coach, the friend, the reflector, or even just a good listener of people’s fascinating life story. We stand amazed of what people have experienced each of God’s excellent gifts. By this philosophy, the counseling, assessments, interviews, observations, therapies, and other forms of practices that we do are aimed to help people exploring their life in their own way to give them the greatest feeling ever.

Last but not least, we believe that practices without developing science are malpractices. That is why, we also provide service for instrument testing and validity testing, as well as researching new forms of tests and therapies that would work more effectively and efficiently to our clients. We maintain scientific principles and ethics in our professional work, making EXPERIENCING LIFE FOUNDATION as a trustable friend for everyone who is in need and a credible source for science development.


Experiencing Life Foundation is actively affiliate with other relevant institutions and or associations across the countries to ensure you get the highest qualified psychological service from us. Listed are our collaboration institutions:

  • American Psychologica Association (APA), Div12 – The Society of Clinical Psychology  – United States
  • American Board of Medical Psychotherapist and Psychodiagnostician (ABMPP) – United States
  • Association of Psychotherapist and Counselors Singapore (APACS) – Singapore
  • Regional Human Skill – Singapore