Our Service

As a holistic psychological institution, Experiencing Life Foundation put its services on 4 basic categories: education, testing or assessments in academic and industrial settingscounseling and psychotherapies, and research and development.


Experiencing Life Foundation aims to fulfill the needs of psychological knowledge for lay persons, psychologists or counsellors, psychology students, and other practitioners through seminars and workshops routinely conducted in various themes. Besides, Experiencing Life Foundation also provides methodological and theoretical assistance service for psychology students finishing their thesis or scientific researches. To know more about our educational services, click here.


Psychological assessments are one of most popular areas in societies. Experiencing Life Foundation provides assessments services in various settings for specific purposes, such as: finding suitable careers and courses (academic field), employees selection and potential review (industrial/organizational field), premarital assessments (personal development field), cognitive performance tests for the elderly (gerontology field), and other psychological tests. To know more about our testing and assessments services, click here.


This is the core of our service. Experiencing Life Foundation aims to let people experiencing the best life they could obtain. Psychological problems, psychopathological syndromes, and or other challenges in life sometimes create a gap, making people hard to live their life, or even finding their meaning in life. Therefore, Experiencing Life Foundation provides highly qualified psychologists for practicing individual, group, or family therapists through various techniques, helping people solving life problems, such as: depression, empty nest, academic problems, household problems, divorce and life after divorce, and other challenges. To know more about our counseling and psychotherapies services, click here.


As a part of our commitment to provide the best service, Experiencing Life Foundation always updates its  testings/assessments tools and psychological knowledges through scientific researches. Our experts continually conduct researches for developing new assessment tools and evaluating existing tools and psychological techniques in accordance to the growing societies. Norms of the tests were routinely updated, making it more up-to-date to the societies development. To know more about our research and development services, click here.