Psychology is a science of every human. Everyone needs knowledge of how to live their life based on scientific approach. Therefore, Experiencing Life Foundation routinely conducts seminars and workshops to help people better understand themselves and psychology as a whole. Some seminars and workshops are open to public, covering general topic such as: motivation, parenting, financial management, effective working, and others. Other seminars and workshops are restricted to psychologists and psychology students, covering several topics: projective tests advanced interpretation, graphology interpretation, psychotherapies techniques (CBT, REBT, hypnotherapies, etc.), qualitative or quantitative research methodologies, and others.

For those who are interested to learn specific topics and already has group of friends also interested, you can contact us to request for seminar. We will established custom seminar to fulfill your needs. We also provides training service for employees in gaining specific goals through our expert trainers.



As a part of our service in holistic psychology, we also provide assistance service for students in their thesis making. Statistics usually come to be the major problem of almost every students’ research. Therefore, we open the assistance in statistic, methodology, instrument development, and any other difficulties students may experience. Our research assistants has graduated from both overseas and popular universities in Indonesia and are actively teaching as lecturers in several popular universities. We also provide in-house research for company setting. An action research will be conducted to objectively detect problems in organization and give several effective solutions to those problems.