Testings / Assessments

Psychological testing or assessments is the process of reviewing or evaluating people based on certain instruments to give explanation based on specific test purpose(s). To ensure the comprehensive and the most accurate data from our client, our instruments includes: objective tests, projective tests, graphology, interview, and observation.



Psychological testing in academic fields covers several types of tests based on its specific goals:

  • Intelligence test or Giftedness test, to know your IQ score, realize specific abilities and areas needed to be developed, and to evaluate how much your intelligence capacity be applied in your daily performance
  • Aptitude and Interest test, to identify your potential, ability, and personal interest which will recommend your  career and university planning
  • School readiness test, to measure the readiness of a child’s capacity and capabilities for school experience, to evaluate and predict difficulties child may experience in school
  • EQ, SQ, Talent tests, to know specific areas influenced in academic settings, such as: emotional intelligence, social intelligence, moral values, and talents



Psychological testing is commonly used in industrial or organizational fields for both purposes:

  • Employee recruitment, evaluate employee’s performance and capacities, predict work readiness and work attitude, give recommendation based on employee’s performance to fill certain job position
  • Employee mapping, evaluate employee’s capacities and interest to give recommendation of what position the employee will perform best
  • Potential review, evaluate employee’s capacities and performance, evaluate leadership ability and other specific characteristic needed for higher position, make recommendation for any possibility of promotion and description of consequences followed



Psychological testing is also essential in identify certain characteristics to help better know and improve own self. Psychological tests in this area covers:

  • Personality Tests, comprehensive evaluation of your habits, characteristics, and traits along with your adaptive and maladaptive thought or behaviors
  • General Psychopathology Tests, complete evaluation of any psychological syndromes or potentials, evaluate your overall mental health
  • Projective Tests, to detect unconscious motives, needs, and urges that drives your life



In the area of couple relationship, psychological assessment is also essential to evaluate some aspects, such as:

  • Pre-Marital Tests, to evaluate couple’s match based on each habits and personality, to explore and give recommendation of what needs to be or not to be done for ideal marriage life
  • Family Dynamic Assessments, to evaluate the healthiness of interaction among family, evaluate role of each family members, and detect potential conflict sources



  • Alzheimer or Cognitive Tests for elderly, to detect cognitive performance, cognitive deficits, or cognitive problems (Alzheimer Dementia, Vascular Dementia, etc.) through combination of interview and physical performance examination
  • Other combination of available psychological tests based on specific purposes.